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Content Mapping Tool is not like other content organization tools. Here is why.

We don’t believe in the ‘Calendar Approach’.

Too many content teams are just always trying to figure out ‘what we can publish next week, because the calendar is still empty’.

We believe in the ‘Put your client and their questions first’ Approach.

Yes it is more work. And maybe more difficult. But, once you are on the right track, you will never have to wonder anymore what content to create. Your calendar will always be full, with content your audience actually really wants.

So, here goes.

And if you've come this far, maybe you're willing to come a little further.


Yes, personas. Perhaps you are already working with personas, which would be great and you can easily use them in Content Mapping Tool. If you are not, don't worry. In Content Mapping Tool you can easily create and configure your personas.

In Content Mapping Tool, every Content Item you will create can be mapped to a persona.

Manage up to 8 personas

Usually, configuring 8 personas should be plenty for virtually every product or service you sell. Personas can be based on age, gender, media preferences, industry and many more parameters.

Configure Media Preferences

Tell us what your personas media preferences are, and we will show you which content types problably work best in each buying stage. This way you can finetune your content channels, to make sure you reach your audience.

When you are creating a new Content Item, you will see that Content Mapping Tool actually suggests the media that are recommended for this particular Content Item. The ranking is - mainly - based on the following:

  • The buying stage (see below).
  • The personas media preferences.

Buying Stages

Each of your clients will go through several buying stages before actually making a purchase. You (should) know that. It makes sense, that in every buying stage your client has different informational needs. You should act on that.

In Content Mapping Tool, every Content Item you will create can be mapped to a buying stage.

Most Common Buying Stages

Content Mapping Tool predefined the most common buying stages for you. Only four, you say? Don't worry, these 4 stages should be all you need to start mapping the right content!

Map your content per buying stage

In every buying stage your persona will have different information needs, and there are different content types you should use to reach your audience. Content Mapping Tool makes this easy.

Questions & Answers

Creating the right content is all about having the answers to the questions of your potential buyer. Each persona will have their own questions, and in every buying stage there will be other questions. Answer them all, and you're golden.

Add Questions & Answers

For every Persona and in every Buying Stage you can add unlimited Questions & Answers. Now you are really stepping into your client's shoes!

Map your content to Q&A's

Every Question & Answer can be used to create a least one Content Item. However you will find that more often than not you will get ideas for multiple Content Items.

Content Items

Here is where the fun part really starts: creating Content Items. Now you have decided on which Persona, Buying Stage and Questions & Answers, it gets remarkably easy to come up with content ideas. Especially, because Content Mapping Tool will help you decide what types of content would probably work best!

Easy & versatile Workflow

Content Items go through a certain worflow. They start as Ideas, then they go into production and finally they are scheduled and published. Content Mapping Tool helps you to manage this workflow, to make sure everything keeps on track. You typically would start with generating tons of ideas, and then decide which of them you move to Production and ultimately Publish.

Drafts & Files

Content Mapping Tool enables you to map and plan all of your content. But wait, there is more! You and your team members can use the built in text editor to write and save drafts of each Content Item. It's also possible to upload files such as examples, sketches, mindmaps etc for each Content Item.

Keep track of hours and money spent

You take content marketing seriously, don't you? Then you will also be interested in tracking how much time and money is spent on each of your Content Items, right? Don't worry, with Content Mapping Tool every user can log their hours and expenditures for each Content Item.

Define Topics to further organize your content

You can organize your content by defining Topics in Content Mapping Tool. You can create as many Topics as you want and you can use colors and icons to distinguish them from each other across the application!

Plan your content

Although one of our credo's is 'Throw away your calendar', we didn't actually do it of course. In the end you want a steady flow of great, valuable content. Use the calendar view to check which content items are scheduled, published and which ideas and content items in production are due soon.

Easy Editorial Calendar view

Use the Editorial Calendar view to see which Content Items are coming up, and which have already been published. This way you can make sure you maintain that nice, steady flow of great content. Good to know: we use the same icons and colors for Content Items througout the application.

Due Dates to keep you moving.

Every Content Item has a due date in Content Mapping Tool. This will help you make sure that you keep an eye on every idea you ever had, and that Content Items which are in production actually get finished. (we won't judge you though, if you use a due date in the year 2028).

Filling the content grid

And then there is the heart of Content Mapping Tool: the Content Grid. It is a grid that shows you how many content items you have already created for each of your personas, in each buying stage.

Fill the content grid...

Every tile in the grid starts out with a red background. If there is at least one Content Item published, the background will be green. If there is at least one Content Idea, or one Content Production, the background will be orange. Your goal, basically, is to have an entire green grid.

.. And repeat!

Of course, content marketing is an ongoing process. So when your entire grid is green, that doesn't mean you are done. Keep using Content Mapping Tool to come up with new Content Ideas and keep publishing so you will keep your audience' attention!

Work as a teamteam plan only

Working as a content team? Content Mapping Tool can be your ultimate tool to work together producing great, valuable content.

The team plan is meant for small to medium sized content teams, who work together on a Content Map.

Assign tasks, share comments

You can assign Content Items to a team member, and add comments to each item. For example: you come up with a great idea for a new blog, you assign it to your team member Peter, who starts writing on it. When Peter is finished, he assigns it to John, who is the editor and he publishes it to your corporate blog.

Manage multiple users

You can add users to your content team. Each user will have their own username and password. When someone assigns a Content Item to you, you will receive a notification which takes you directly to the Content Item so you can start working on it.