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€ 99 p/h

Do you need help with your content marketing efforts? Don't worry, we are here to help you. Schedule a meeting with one of our professionals and ask away.

You can schedule a meeting with one of our consultant, through Skype or Hangouts. Also, in the Netherlands, Belgium and (parts of) Germany you can schedule a meeting at your own company (travel costs may apply). The hourly price kicks in a the first minute of every new hour, so make the most of your time!

Of course, our consultants can also be hired for project work. For instance, if you need a brand new content strategy but don't know how to do it yourself, we will create a custom offer for your needs.

Kind of session? One on One
Where? Skype, Hangouts Incompany (we come to your office!)
Available? Skype & Hangouts worldwide. Incompany only in the Netherlands, Belgium, (parts of) Germany

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