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Persona Workshop

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In the Persona Workshop we will work together on creating a first set of personas specifically for your company. Our experienced consultant will guide the workshop. For the best results, we recommend your company to be represented by a mixture of people and roles: management, marketing, sales, but also customer service and people 'on the floor'. Everyone who interacts with customers, really.

During the session, which will take approximately 3 hours, we will first gather as much information about your customers as possible and create a set of personas. This should be both interesting and fun! We will work together in an open atmosphere. In the second part of the workshop, each of you will further develop the created personas, by filling out the personas canvases. After the workshop, our consultant will work through all these canvases and you will receive the completed personas digitally, ready to use!

Kind of session? Workshop
Where? Incompany (we come to your office!)
Available? The Netherlands, Belgium, (parts of) Germany

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Product description

The goal of the Persona Workshop is to create your first set of personas, so you can get started with content mapping. A persona is an archetype kind of customer. A good set of personas should represent your entire customer base. Personas are different from demographic segments, because in your persona description you will actually think about what kind of person your customer is. What does he or she find the most important, both in life and in regard to your product? What kind of messages will resonate with this person? How can he or she be persuaded to do something? This, and much more is what we will try to find out during the persona workshop.

In the workshop, it is important that your company is being represented by several people, each of whom regularly interacts with your customers. This can be management, but of course also marketing and sales people are often found in these kind of workshops. Also, don't forget to include people from customer service: they are the ones that talk to your customers on a daily base and understand what kind of questions and problems these people are having.

The session will take approximately 3 hours. Afterwards, you will receive:

  • Digital copies of your personas, based all the input collected in the workshop: either as digital files or in a Content Mapping Tool account
  • A personalised advice with a basic roadmap for your content marketing efforts

The price may exclude travel expenses and VAT, if applicable.

The Persona Workshop at the moment is only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and (parts of) Germany.

If you are in another country, please contact us. Possibly we can set you up with one of our partners abroad, or we can create an online meeting.