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Informational Needs Workshop

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In the Informational Needs Workshop we look further into your personas and try to find out what kind of questions they have as they go through the buying cycle. In each of the steps of the buying cycle (Awareness, Consideration, Action and Loyalty), your persona will have some important questions. Answer them with great content, and you are actually helping your client while guiding him towards a purchase. And isn't this what content marketing is all about? We believe it is.

During the session, which will take approximately 3 hours, we will fill out a content mapping canvas, or possibly work directly in Content Mapping Tool. In a group effort, we try to think of the questions each of your personas will have in each step of the buying cycle. The group should ideally consist of management, marketing and sales, but also customer service and other employees who regularly talk to you customers definitely should attend. Speaking of the customers: if possible it would be great to do this workshop (also) with them as a focus group!

Please note, that for this workshop you already should have a set of personas. If necessary, do the Persona Workshop first. Inquire about a 2-in-1 offer!

Kind of session? Workshop
Where? Incompany (we come to your office!)
Available? The Netherlands, Belgium, (parts of) Germany

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The goal of the Informational Needs workshop is to try to find out what you customers actually want to know, as they are considering purchasing your product or solution. By figuring this out, you can detemine what content should be created. After all, content marketing is about being relevant for your customer, tailored to the stage of the buying cycle they are in.

In Content Mapping Tool, we distinguish four stages in the buying cycle: Problem Awareness (Awareness), Researching Solutions (Consideration), Purchase Decision (Action) and Happy Customers (Loyalty). As you will find in the workshop, in each of these stages there will be quite different questions that your customer is concerned with. Also, we will see that the questions may be quite different between the different personas. Getting a good grip on all of these questions, will help you figure out what the topics of your content items should be!

In the workshop, it is important that your company is being represented by several people, each of whom regularly interacts with your customers. This can be management, but of course also marketing and sales people are often found in these kind of workshops. Also, don't forget to include people from customer service: they are the ones that talk to your customers on a daily base and understand what kind of questions and problems these people are having.

The session will take approximately 3 hours. Afterwards, you will receive:

  • A digital copy of the determined informational needs, either in a digital file or in a Content Mapping Tool account.
  • A personalised advice with a basic roadmap for your content marketing efforts

The price may exclude travel expenses and VAT, if applicable.

The Informational Needs Workshop at the moment is only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and (parts of) Germany.

If you are in another country, please contact us. Possibly we can set you up with one of our partners abroad, or we can create an online meeting.