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Introducing: the Persona Sample Gallery

We are proud to introduce a brand new feature: the Persona Sample Gallery. The gallery consists of no less than 40 example personas, ready for you to use. The example personas are divided into multiple categories and should be a great starting point for virtually every user of Content Mapping Tool.

Okay okay, put down your pitchforks!

We know what some of you are going to say. You can't just use 4 of 5 sample personas and start creating content. And you know what, you're absolutely right. Personas should really be tailored to your business, your market and your goals. They should represent your audience and the way different people take their decisions in different ways. That's why we call the personas in the gallery sample personas.

The persona examples are based on general research and our (and others') experience developing personas for a broad range of organizations. We have noticed that there are lots of organizations, particularly smaller ones, who really see and get the use of personas, but haven't been able (yet) to develop them completely. That's why we wanted to create a starting point so you can see what your own personas could look like. You can add them to your personas in Content Mapping Tool and then it's up to you to tailor the personas to fit your needs. And, let's face it, working with personas means updating and finetuning them regularly anyway, so we're justing giving you a head start.

So, what kind of personas can you find in our Persona Sample Gallery?

The first distinction we made is B2C personas vs B2B personas. Then we divided the personas further into age (B2C) and seniority (B2B) categories, like this:


  • Youngsters 
  • Students 
  • (Young) Adults 
  • Middle Age 
  • Elderly 


  • Professionals
  • Management
  • Owner/CEO

persona sample gallery

Within each category we offer five sample personas, each a different kind of buyer:

  • Consensual Buyer: likes to make sure every stakeholder is on board, before he buys something. Finds the opinion of his peers and other buyers very important. 
  • Rational Buyer: chooses a very fact-based approach and does thorough research before buying something. Doesn't care that much about image or brands and always chooses quality. 
  • Reward Buyer: bases buying decision on what’s going to give him the most 'likes', both virtually and in the real world. Values brands and image very much. 
  • Self-motivated Buyer: primarily buys new stuff because it will make him do X or Y better. Finds the rewards in the improvement of the quality of life or work. 
  • Impulsive Buyer: buys new stuff because.. well why not? Very receptive for discounts and promotion and tends to squander his money sometimes.

So, depending on your product, you should be able to select 3-5 personas across all categories to give you a first set of personas you can start working with. Please note, as mentioned before, that you can -and most likely should! - adjust the sample personas to your own situation.

Jeroen Huynen

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Jeroen is the CEO of Content Mapping Tool and an experienced content marketeer.