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Mr Joker: using a generic persona for your content mapping

Sometimes you will find that you want to schedule a content item that doesn't really can (or should) be mapped to a single persona. Don't worry, feel free to use a generic persona. Introducing: Mr Joker. 

As a rule of thumb we always say: every content item should by definition be mapped to persona and a buying stage. Otherwise: what's the point of the content item? But, of course, we realize that some content items are really meant for your whole audience and there is little point in separating the item in multiple items, one for each persona. 

This usually happens if you come up with a content item in a top-down-fashion, instead of the bottom-up way content mapping is usually done. I'll explain.

Content mapping usually works bottom-up. When you need to come up with new content item ideas, you'll typically want to follow this path:

  1. Choose a persona
  2. Choose a buying stage
  3. ???
  4. Profit! No, wait. Content ideas! And then: Profit!
(the question marks represent you using your brain and creativity to come up with great content item ideas, based on the persona, buying stage and informational needs (q&a's))

This really is the most recommended way to come up with new content items, because every item will have a clear target audience and will by definition be an answer to a question of that audience. 

Suddenly, an unmappable content item appears!

But, sometimes it just doesn't work that way. Sometime you just have a content item that really needs to be published, but fits multiple (or none) of your personas. Announcements or weekly, general mailings are typical examples of such items. And now you are working top-down.

  1. Content idea!
  2. Fits a buying stage, great! 
  3. But.. wait.. this message is for all my customers.. which persona should I map it to? 
  4. I hate my job. 
Don't worry. We're here to help. In Content Mapping Tool there should be a place for all of your content, which also means content that can't be mapped to a single persona. 

Introducing: Mr Joker!

If you run into a situation as describe above, the easiest solution is to create a generic persona. We call him Mr Joker. But really, you can give him every name you want.

Every content item you just can't map to one of your 'real' personas, now you can map to this generic persona. This way, at least, all of your content items are still in one dashboard and you can use the Content Mapping Tool workflow to make sure the content item will be published just like you want it. 

When you create the generic persona in Content Mapping Tool, you can use the Joker icon in the persona gallery as an image, or upload your own. 

generic persona Mr Joker
As always: Happy Content Mapping!

Jeroen Huynen

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Jeroen is the CEO of Content Mapping Tool and an experienced content marketeer.