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New Stuff! Rearrange your personas

Yay, we've added a new feature! As of now it is possible to arrange your personas, so you have control of the order in which they appear throughout the app.

Let's face it. Some of your personas are more important to you than others. Or maybe you have several personas who are quite similar. Either way, it makes sense you would want some control of the order of your personas so you can arrange them as you please. 

This is why, also as requested by several of the Early Access clients (yes you can still sign up but hurry, because we're wrapping it up soon!), you now can rearrange your personas exactly like you want!

To do this, visit the Personas page in the app. You'll notice that there's a little move-icon right next to each persona.

rearrange personas in content mapping tool
Just drag and drop the personas in the order you want. Yes, it's that easy. 

The new order will now appear throughout the application, most importantly in the Content Map Overview on the Dashboard, as well on the Content Map page. 

Happy content mapping! Also: there are a lot of new cool features coming up, so keep an eye on this blog!

Jeroen Huynen

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Jeroen is the CEO of Content Mapping Tool and an experienced content marketeer.