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Approaching Launch: Want to join the Early Access Program?

We are really looking forward to the official launch of Content Mapping Tool. Right now we are finishing up some technical stuff, but the application is probably around 99% ready to use.

So we figured, why wait? We are looking for people who want to join our Early Access Program!

So, what do you get if you join the Early Access Program?
  • Be among the first ones to start using the tool!
  • Access to every already built feature, right away.
  • Be the first one to test and get access to newly released features!
  • You can also request new features, which we will evaluate and might up adding to the development roadmap. 
  • You will get 50% discount on your plan. Forever. Foreverever? Yes Foreverever.

What do we ask from you, in exchange? Well, we do love feedback, so we can keep improving the tool. So, we will ask you regularly (maximum once a week, but probably less) for your opinion. We will most likely send you an e-mail with a couple of questions, or occassionaly we will ask you to schedule a phone call or Skype meeting with us. 

The deal is really simple: as long as you keep supplying us with feedback, you will get the 50% discount on your plan!

How does it work?
  • Drop us an e-mail that you'd like to join the Early Access Program on or use the form on the Contact page.
  • We will set you up with an account, so you can start using the tool.
  • As soon as you choose to start using a paid plan, you will get the 50% discount.
  • The first 30 days are - and always will be - free.
Who can join?
  • Basically, everyone. However, we do want to keep the number of Early Access clients limited, so don't wait for too long!

Will everything work perfectly?
  • We will most certainly try to release a fully functional, bugfree application for the Early Access clients. However, since you guys will be the first ones to get access to new features, there may be the occassional bug or error
Want to know more? Just call us or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from you!
Jeroen Huynen

About author

Jeroen is the CEO of Content Mapping Tool and an experienced content marketeer.