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First things first: doing a content audit

Surely, you already have some content. Or maybe you even have a lot of content already. Either way, you decided that it is time for a more structured approach. Great! But where to start? The content mapping approach, in which you map your content to personas and buying cycle stages, should provide you with the structure you need to create even better and more focused content. But first it is time to draw a line in the sand and create a baseline: look at your existing content in a content audit.


Introducing: the Persona Sample Gallery

We are proud to introduce a brand new feature: the Persona Sample Gallery. The gallery consists of no less than 40 example personas, ready for you to use. The example personas are divided into multiple categories and should be a great starting point for virtually every user of Content Mapping Tool.


3 Tips for creating your own buyer personas

So, you want to start working with buyer personas for your content marketing efforts? Great! In Content Mapping Tool you'd definitely want to use your buyer personas to make sure your content really fits the informational needs of your audience. In this blog I will give you 3 important tips to get started creating your own buyer personas.

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