Serve your Clients Better

Serve your Clients Better

Are you a content marketing agency? Then Content Mapping Tool just might be the right tool to help you collaborate with your clients.

Content Mapping Tool enables you to work with instead of just work for your clients in content marketing projects.

  • Create a Content Team with both your consultants, content creators and the subject-matter experts of your client
  • Directly involve your client in the process of content creation
  • Share each others knowledge, ask for input, have your content checked by the client

So, you developed a great content strategy for your client. Now what's next? Exactly, you will have to implement a content creation flow. It is very common that you - as a content marketing agency- assist the client with this. 

Ideally, you are in charge of the content map to guard the process. It's your job to align the knowledge existing inside of the company with the strategy you created, resulting in a flow of good, meaningful content. 

The right tooling is important.

We all know that content marketing is not an easy sell. If you want to convince your client to invest - and keep investing - in content marketing, the right tooling is very important. If you work with Content Mapping Tool, your client will be (and stay) involved in the process. 

More importantly: you can add the subject-matter experts of your client to the Content Team, so they can help coming up with new content ideas and maybe even become involved in creating the content. Because, let's be honest here: you may be the content marketing professional, when it comes to knowledge about their business, their clients and their informational needs, nobody can beat your client. 

Less difficult brainstorm sessions, less awkward briefings on complicated subjects, more collaboration towards clear, relevant and valuable content.

Use the agency solution

If you are interested in using the agency solution of Content Mapping Tool, don't hesitate to contact us. We can offer discounts for new clients, provide you with learning resources to convince your clients and offer custom solutions when needed. 

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