Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Using Content Mapping Tool you will not only create better content, but you will also save lots of time (and thus: money) doing so. 

How much time to you spend on going through spreadsheets for your content planning, searching in your mailbox, and having content team meetings that don't seem to be going anywhere?

Time for a change. Content Mapping Tool will help you strategize, organize and document your content production. All in one place.

If you are a content manager, you will enjoy:

  • All your content items on one dashboard: no more switching between multiple spreadsheets, lacking a proper overview.
  • Direct insights in your content marketing progress, so you can easily decide what should be the next steps.
  • Assigning and keeping track of the production of Content Items, without having to look through e-mail boxes or generic collaboration tools.
  • Coming up with great new Content Ideas as you go along and save them instantly.
  • A great interface to create and manage your Personas and use them to create better content.
  • Less frequent yet more efficient content team meetings.

If you are a content creator, you will love:

  • Getting a proper briefing for the Content Items assigned to you.
  • Sharing comments and files with the rest of the content team.
  • Writing and editing first drafts of a new Content Item.
  • Keeping track of the hours and costs invested in each Content Item.

If you are a (content) marketing agency, you will definitely get better results by:

  • Managing the Content Map / calendar of your client
  • Working with, instead of just for your client.
  • Providing your client with tooling specifically designed for content marketing projects

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