Create Better Content

Create Better Content

The best content is content that is really valuable to your audience. Sounds easy, right? Still, most companies struggle with coming up with ideas for actual, relevant content.

Don't worry. Content Mapping Tool is here to help you.

  • Create and manage Personas to get more insights in your audience.
  • Determine the informational needs of each Persona as he/she travels along the customer journey.
  • Map Content to a tile in the Persona / Buying Stage grid (the Content Map).
  • Use the Content Map overview to check if you are answering to the informational needs of your entire audience.
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Content Mapping Tool will help you to create better content, by enabling you to map content directly to Personas and Buying Stages. Because, let's face it: if you try to make all of your content relevant to all of your audience, then none of your content will be really relevant. Time to get some focus.

Using Personas in Content Mapping

Every Content Item you create should basically be an answer to a question of your audience. However, your audience consists of different kinds of people. And, as they travel along their customer journey, in each buying stage their questions will change.

Therefore, in Content Mapping Tool, we enable you to distinguish multiple Personas, who each represent part of your audience.

Using Personas in Content Mapping Tool

In Content Mapping Tool, you can create up to 8 different Personas.

Using the Content Map Overview

For each of those Personas, you can add questions for each of the buying stages, organized in the Content Map. When you create a Content Item to answer one of these questions, this Content Item can also be mapped to a tile in the Content Map.

Using the Content Map overview in Content Mapping Tool.

The Content Map gives you insight in the informational needs of your audience, and your progress in answering these questions with beautiful content. Content Items that can be mapped to a tile in the Content Map therefore will always be relevant to (part) of your audience.

Better content. More relevance. Better results.

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