How It Works

  • Map your content to Personas & Buying Stages. Throw away your calendar. Content marketing is not about creating content every week. It is about creating the right content for your audience, in every stage of the buying cycle.
  • Create and manage personas. Use Content Mapping Tool to create and manage your personas. Unique Feature: Content Mapping Tool helps you use your persona's media preferences to choose the right channels for your content.
  • Come up with great content ideas The unique way Content Mapping Tool is set up will enable you come up with dozens of new content ideas, because it helps you to step into the shoes of your customer.
  • Work as a team. Using the Team Solution you can add people to your Content Team. Assign tasks, track progress and make sure you are on the right course to wonderful, working content!

Key Features

Content Ideas

Multiple Users

Persona Based

Editorial Calendar

Track ROI

Content Ideas Are you struggling coming up with new content ideas? Don't worry, you won't ever have to again. Using Content Mapping Tool you will get more insights in exactly what content you should be creating. Working with personas, buying stages and questions & answers the content ideas will come to you like you never thought possible.

Multiple Users Content Mapping Tool offers a Team Solution: perfect for small to medium sized content teams. Assign content ideas to other team members, share comments and work together to the ultimate goal: great, working content for your entire audience tailored to their information needs!

Persona Based This is what makes Content Mapping Tool truly remarkable: we put your personas first. Define personas (or use the ones you already have) and start creating content for each of them based on their information needs AND their media preferences.

Editorial Calendar Although one of our credo's is 'Throw away your calendar', we didn't actually do it of course. In the end you want a steady flow of great, valuable content. Use the calendar view to check which content items are scheduled, published and which ideas and content items in production are due soon.

Track Content Marketing ROI Content Marketing Tool enables you to really keep track of the ROI of your content marketing. You can log hours and expenditures for each Content Item, as well as the gains like impressions, leads and sales. Tell us the value of each of those and we will give you the ROI.

Why chooseContent Mapping Tool

Then it's time to start doing things different. Go plan your content not based on the week number. Plan your content to make sure you provide your target audience with the relevant, valuable information they need in their buying cycle stage.
Then it's time to start getting organized. Log the hours and expenditures for each Content Item. Not just for you, but also for your team.
Save time and money by working as a team in Content Mapping Tool. Assign tasks, share comments, write drafts and keep track of your progress.
Look no further. Content Mapping Tool is the perfect tool for content managers. You can work with your team and you can keep track of your progress at all times.